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Activities Project Group A Coruña

Interviews on European Identity and ICT skills
Training on research methodology and searching information.
Workgroups in A Coruña & Ferrol (2011-2012):
  • Historic Relationship between Spain and Flanders.
  • De-industrialization: History of the Factory of Tobacco in A Coruña.
  • Migration from Galicia to Europe
  • Transition to democracy and integration in UE in Spain, former DDR, Poland and Czech Republic: differences and similarities.
  • Comparative study of the Social Security Systems and National Health Services in the partner countries.
  • European identity from homeland identity. 

Workgroups in A Coruña (2012-2013):
  • Historic Relationship between Spain and North of Italy.
  • Industrial Heritage in Galicia.
  • Saint Jacques Way through Poland and Czech Republic.
  • Getting to know better our partners by the local gastronomy.
  • The factory of Sargadelos: from its creation to the present day.
  • The water mills of Xuvia and As Aceñas.

  • General Issues
  • Blog of the European Workshop
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  • Website of the MTN-Project
Language Learning:
  • German
  • English
Lecture about the de-industrialization process in Europe, by Dr. Juan Manuel Sánchez Quinzá-Torroja (University of A Coruña – UDC).November 25th
Visit to Exhibition “El Paisaje Nórdico en el Prado” in Santiago de Compostela, February 24th
Lecture about Belgium, by Mr. Stephane Moens and D. Juan Antonio Quiroga Lage, Honorary Consul of Belgium in A Coruña, March 23th
Questionnaires for mutual understanding between Galicia and Flanders

Seminar about “Current International Issues” organized by the Research Group “Current Issues in International and European Law”, the University Institute of European Studies “Salvador de Madariaga,” and the Center of Excellence Jean Monnet “Institutions and the Law European Union “. The lectures took place in the Hall of Degrees, Faculty of Law of University of A Coruña. March, 12th and 13th. ·        

Lecture titled: “Cultural and Political Values of the European Union”,by Prof. Dtor. Alejandrino Fernández Barreiro. (University of A Coruña – UDC). April, 20th

Visit of the Italian volunteers involved at SENISOL (European Project for exchanging volunteers aged 50 years).April, 20th

European Day of Solidarity between generations: Intergenerational session, exchanging views and experiences about Europe with students of high school involved in an European educational project (Comenius) named “Tales for Peace”.April 26th.
Photography Exhibition in the Senior University of A Coruña about Solidarity and Cooperation for Development, 14th to 25th May.

Seminar "For an Active Citizenship: Senior Volunteers", May 25th

Closure session of the European Workshops (2011-2012), June 8th 

Opening session of the European Workshops (2012-2013), October 19th

Seminar "Development Cooperation in times of crisis" in colaboration with the Center of Excelence "Jean Monet" of the Universitary Institute of European Studies “Salvador de Madariaga" of the University of A Coruña. November, 2nd. in Ferrol, and November 9th. in A Coruña

Lecture "Industrial Heritage in Galicia" by Prof. Dr. Manuel Lara Coira (University of A Coruña). November 30th, in A Coruña.

Lecture "Getting to know better our italian partner", by the staff of AICCRE (Italy), December 14th, in A Coruña.

Guided Visit to the exhibition "Saraievo, war and peace". December 21th, in A Coruña.

Lecture "Industrial Heritage in Galicia" by Prof. Dr. Manuel Lara Coira (University of A Coruña). January 11th, in Ferrol.

Basic course about German language and culture (4 hours). January and February, in A Coruña and Ferrol.

Lecture about "Migrations and stereotypes" by two members of the staff of "Ecos do Sur" (an NGO for helping migrant people). January 25th, in A Coruña.

Visit of two Italian senior volunteers involved in a Grundtvig Project about volunteers and migrant peopel. February 8th, in A Coruña.

Lessons of English conversation in A Coruña and Ferrol (March and April)

Visit to Cervo and Sargadelos factories, of senior students from Ferrol. March 13rd, in Ferrol. With senior learners association.

Guided visit to the exhibition about German design. “One hundred years of Architecture and Design in Germany. Deustscher Werkbund 1907-2007”. March 15th, in A Coruña.

Lecture "Getting to know better Poland", by Katarzyna Borowczak, an Erasmus student from Poland on the University of A Coruña. March 22th, in A Coruña.

Sessions for monitoring the students’ essays and topics for the MTN Final Meeting in Chemnitz (Germany). April and May, in A Coruña and Ferrol.

Bilateral Meeting with our Flemish partner, Het Perspectief (Gent - Belgium). May 22th to 26th, in A Coruña.

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