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Customs in Saxony
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Ingeborg Morgner
Tue Feb 26 2013, 01:44pm
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Dear friends,
 I want to report you today about a custom that is maintained in a particular part of Saxony. When you have a view on the map from Saxony then you can find the town Bautzen in the east of the Free State. This region is called " Lausitz" and a population lives there, who especially nurtures its centuries-old traditions. About 60,000 Sorbs, how this national minority is called, live in Germany, especially in Saxony and Brandenburg. The have got the right to speak their Sorbian language as mother tongue everywhere. An active club life, own Sorbian schools, theatres and radio programs guarantee that the culture of the Slavic ethnic group is maintained. Many street signs are bilingual in this region.
The overwhelming part of the Sorbian population is Catholics, whereas the most inhabitants of Saxony are Protestants. The Sorbs could maintain many of their customs and traditions during the GDR period. Now I want to report, like the Sorbs practice of their customs, especially during the Easter season. First something about the” Bird Wedding” (in German: Vogelhochzeit ) The children celebrate in many places "Die Vogelhochzeit" yearly on 25th January .The legend says that the magpie and the raven have married on this day. So the children dress up as bride and groom. The children put plates in the windows or in front of the doors on the eve before. The birds fill the plates then with gifts from their wedding like nuts, apples, candy or baked figures. The birds thank the children so for the food they get in the cold winter of them and the people wait for the spring awakening. Bride and groom

Baked sweets pictures from and wikimedia


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