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Tue Feb 14 2012, 04:16pm

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Galicia is a region located in the northwest of Spain, with the officialstatus of a nationality of Spain. 
There are four provinces in Galicia: A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra. Near of 3 million people lives in Galicia, mainly in the coastal area, around the cities of A Coruña and Vigo, the two most populous cities. The capital is Santiago de Compostela, in the province of A Coruña. Santiago is the end of the Way of Saint James, a historical route of pilgrimage and communication of Culture from Medieval Age to the present. Two languages are official and widely used in Galicia, Spanish and Galician, a Romance language similar than Portuguese.
The cities of A Coruña and Ferrol are located in the northwest of Galicia. A Coruña (Corunna in English) is the second-largest city in the autonomous community of Galicia. A Coruña is the capital of the province of the same name. It is located on a promontory in the entrance of an estuary on the Atlantic Ocean and it host a very important port and an oil refinery. Although much of the heavy industry is based on the shipyards and metalworks of the neighbouring city of Ferrol, both cities are involved in a transition process to terciary sector from the 80s.
The most known monument of A Coruña is the Tower of Hércules. It is the most ancient Roman lighthouse still in use today, and it has been included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Fri Mar 09 2012, 11:27am

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Hi Pilar and Paco!!
Now we're on the platform as well!!!
A big big hug!!
Leda, Silvia & Vittorio
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Sat Mar 10 2012, 09:11pm

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Hello Italian friends
Nice to see you here on the project website.
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Hans Brühl
Wed Mar 14 2012, 12:36pm
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Galicia is well known 

Many people of Europe mix up the geographic term Galicia what is a region of Spain with the landscape between Poland and Ukraine   what  named  Galizia  or Galicia too.  The German  history  has  probably  more  connections  to  the  latter name nevertheless it now no more exists as a country or  political term. 

Our seniors´  group aready  had heared  during the project   “seniorstoryboard”   of Corunna/La Coruna/A Coruna as a  city  in the Spanish province Galicia. In May 2007 we had a meeting there, visited  Ferrol,  the famous Way of Saint James and in the Galician  capital Santiago  de Compostella. It was an event to meet our already known Spanish partners in their home country. We were surprised about the hugh number of Spanish students we had not seen before – and the kind reception there.

In  2010  my  intention  was  to  show  my  family  that  Spanish  region where go holidaymakers of Germany rerely:  Galicia with A Coruna.  A private come together with one of the friends  of  the Spanish seniors´ group was a highlight for me and my family.   Your  information  about  the division  of  Galicia  let  me  check  once more  our travel  route  relating to these four parts:  We used a car and drived a for  us  higher-than-average long  tour  (6000 kms) from  our German country Saxony  via France,  the French and Spanish Basque provinces along the Northern coast of  the (for German pupils well known too)  Bay of Biscay.  to  Ferrol  and A Coruna. Our  longer  stay  was  in  Sanxenxo, a very nice near the Atlantic Ocean situated place.  On the way back we had again an accomodation near  the  Galician villages A Rua and O Barco. –  Near  Toulouse we had a longer stay again  in  France. The  way home  led  across France, via Switzerland. After  exactly one month we arrived at home. That spring time with a trip across many beautiful areas in South of Europe was a very impressive one. I found out, that we crossed all the four Galician provinces but not the main places Lugo and Ourence.

Hans Brühl, Chemnitz/Germany

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Thu Mar 15 2012, 08:56pm

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Hello Hans,
I think that the meeting in A Coruña was during the project "Routes towards Europe" in May 2008.
You can view pictures of the activities in the following galleries:
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