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An interesting and informative meeting between generations
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Ingeborg Morgner
Tue Feb 14 2012, 02:29pm
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On 07.02.2012 pupils of the school class 3c of the Theodor-Körner-Primary School from Freiberg made a visit to Chemnitz University of Technology to meet members of our project group "More than Neighbours". Our focus was intergenerational learning. All participants, kids and seniors, were very good prepared for this meeting and were more or less excited. Always 5 children and one senior worked in groups together.

After we had taken a seat at a table, the ice was melting fast. First of all a member of our group reported about our project work: Who are the international participants? Where do they live? Why is it necessary to live cooperative and harmonic together in the “big European house” to meet and exchange ideas about our lives, joys and sorrows? The children were amazed that we are able to use the Internet for our work very well. The seniors and the children agreed quickly, that the learning of languages, especially English, is very important.

Although the kids only have been learning English at school since about half a year, they already can speak very well. They asked questions about our personal life. They wanted to know, what is different today than in the time of our childhood? How has Europe developed within the last 100 years? It was not so easy to answer this in English.  So we had to change back to our mother tongue.

The children already interviewed their grandparents about these topics some weeks ago. They showed us self-made collages and compared these with our experiences. Not all members of our group have own grandchildren. Therefore it was for us seniors a special experience to recognize how thorough, enthusiastic, fresh and quick-witted third-graders are able to discuss such important topics of our time. Both, the kids and the seniors enjoyed this two-hour meeting very much.

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Sun Mar 25 2012, 11:51pm
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It's a very profitable experience for children to share topics with grandparents, at present things change quickly and many of them don't appear in books, I have my own grandchildren and they often ask me to tell about my chilhood, and how the life was in "those times" which they consider long far ago. Children also get surprised of our interest in languages and computer science and this is a good example for them.
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